Atlas Carbon is with you
from start to finish

Atlas Carbon helps you from consideration to execution stage. Here’s how a partnership with us works:

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  • Our Cost-Benefit Report will estimate what a carbon project can deliver for your property, including carbon and production uplift values, as well as property infrastructure, inputs, and carbon administration costs.

  • Undergo Blueprint Program for an in-depth assessment of your property's carbon and production potential

  • Have a full-day visit from our specialists to discuss your property, take soil and pasture samples

  • Build a long-term Blueprint which lays out a plan for how to maximise your property's carbon and production potential

  • Work with our grazing specialists to understand what practice adoption would look like on your property with MaiaGrazing

  • We support with all registration, reporting and audit submissions including mapping, baselining and sampling management, emissions and abatement estimates, Land Management Strategy creation, MRV and fees

  • We help you maintain a personalised Blueprint to maximise your property's carbon and production potential, while using MaiaGrazing to optimise your grazing management for soil carbon

  • Our unique data insights and benchmarks give you the confidence that you are staying on track to achieve your carbon and production goals

  • You will continue to collaborate with our support team to assess progress and adjust plans as needed across grazing, soil, pasture and natural capital plans

  • We keep you informed of the newest opportunities, such as nature and methane credits, with continued specialist support

  • Get in touch with our community of other graziers to hear about their practice adoption approaches and learnings

​What makes a high-potential soil carbon project candidate?

  • Willingness to adopt new practices that build soil carbon​

  • Ability to commit to a 25-year contract to maintain these practices as part of the government ERF requirements​

  • Over 500mm of annual rolling rainfall which is a strong indicator of soil carbon potential

Atlas Carbon works with graziers to achieve their carbon potential

For cattle and sheep producers across Australia who are exploring carbon project opportunities, Atlas Carbon assists in assessing, planning for and implementing carbon projects through the Australian Governments Emissions Reduction Fund, or ERF.

Get in touch with Atlas Carbon

Reach out to apply for a free Cost-Benefit Report to begin to understand your property’s potential. All you need to do is answer 15 questions about your property, and we’ll provide you a personalised estimate on revenues and costs for successful soil carbon project implementation. Estimates include carbon and production uplift potential, property input and infrastructure needs, and administration costs.