Atlas Carbon helps with the “how” of building soil carbon

Built with graziers, for graziers

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Ensuring graziers achieve their carbon farming potential  

We know the decision to enter a carbon deal should not be taken lightly, so we work with you to better understand the costs and benefits of carbon farming on your land and provide a Blueprint Program to help you build confidence and know how, before you sign a contract.

Our services

Our team of specialists will work alongside you from trial through to implementation to optimise your potential and achieve meaningful results.

Cost-Benefit Report

Book an Intro Call, receive a free Cost-Benefit Report and learn about our Trial Program

Farm Visit Program

Over the course of a number of months, we work with you to assess your property's potential, visit your property, and build an on -ground view of your property's suitability for a soil carbon project

Registration, Implementation and Reporting

Our team will oversee the carbon project registration and reporting processes, while supporting you to maximise your potential with our grazing management and Blueprint tools, data insights and support team.

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What Graziers are saying…

"We did extensive research on several soil carbon partners for our farming business. The Atlas Carbon Package connected to MaiaGrazing was a standout in terms of process, software backed by extensive data to demonstrate the cost benefit analysis and an experienced team who truly understand agriculture, farming and the diversity of climate we all operate in. Atlas Carbon were able to make the complex carbon market easier to navigate with a realistic pricing structure. It matters to us we set this up as a legacy for our next generation, and critical we are all being part of ensuring a more carbon neutral and sustainable future. We are in the early stages of our program and we feel excited for the future with MaiaGrazing - Atlas Carbon as our partner."

Sarah Roche


Pondera Pastoral Co.

"We decided to go ahead with Atlas Carbon because they have all the MaiaGrazing data behind them to provide insight into what actually works to drive carbon sequestration in grazing operations."

Alan Rissmann



"When we looked at a carbon project we weren’t interested in a sales pitch. We wanted to know what we had to do to maximise this opportunity to build carbon profitably. Atlas Carbon offered us a deep dive into the “how” of a carbon project."

Susan Vail & Paul Rogers


Salisbury Plains Grazing

Why Atlas Carbon?

At Atlas Carbon we work with graziers to integrate carbon projects into their businesses. By providing the right tools, insights and support, we help graziers maximise their carbon potential while maintaining successful and productive grazing operations. We specialise in the “how” of building soil carbon. Our eight years of grazing data across 1000+ properties show how a commitment to practice adoption can deliver carbon outcomes and improved production.

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Get in touch with Atlas Carbon

Reach out to apply for a free Cost-Benefit Report to begin to understand your property’s potential. All you need to do is answer 15 questions about your property, and we’ll provide you a personalised estimate on revenues and costs for successful soil carbon project implementation. Estimates include carbon and production uplift potential, property input and infrastructure needs, and administration costs.