Charlie Arnott: An 8th-Gen Aussie Farmer's Journey Into Soil Carbon

Join us for an Atlas LIVE webinar as we delve into the incredible journey of Charlie Arnott, an 8th-generation Aussie farmer. Discover what led him to embark on our Blueprint Program.

Sheeda Cheng,  Head of Marketing - Atlas Carbon

Charlie Arnott has a unique story to tell. Like many graziers in our community, Charlie was introduced to Atlas Carbon through our sister offering, MaiaGrazing, as a valuable decision support tool for his grazing management. Intrigued by the possibilities, he accepted our offer to obtain a free cost-benefit report, seeking to understand how a soil carbon project could benefit his property, Hanaminno.

Encouraged by the findings of the report, Charlie took the plunge and enrolled in our Blueprint Program. This program provided a comprehensive assessment of Hanaminno's carbon and production potential, setting him on a transformative path.

Watch Webinar - Charlie Arnott: An 8th-Gen Aussie Farmer's Journey Into Soil Carbon

Here's what was covered:

Charlie's "Why?": Gain insights into why Charlie is so passionate about improving his farm management practices and how soil carbon projects align with his vision for his business.

Blueprint Insights: Charlie will share his firsthand observations from the Cost-Benefit Report and what inspired him to take the next step into the Blueprint Program.

Q&A Session: Have burning questions for Charlie? This is your opportunity to ask and learn from his wealth of experience.

About Charlie Arnott:

Charlie is based in Boorowa, NSW, and manages the Hanaminno property. His journey into regenerative farming began 15 years ago, marking a significant shift from conventional farming practices on their 5,000-hectare property. Today, Hanaminno embraces organic, biodynamic, and holistic grazing principles to produce beef, lamb, and pigs. The focus is on providing clean, healthy, and nutrient-dense food directly to clients, all while prioritizing the welfare of animals and the environment.

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