Atlas LIVE: A Guide to Carbon Projects: The Importance of a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Are you curious about carbon projects but unsure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Before we delve into it, it's essential to recognise that simply registering a carbon project doesn't guarantee success. Central to the success of any carbon project is the deft navigation of key steps, both on and off the farm. However, at the heart of this journey lies a pivotal element: the role that a cost-benefit analysis plays in managing expectations.

Sheeda Cheng,  Head of Marketing - Atlas Carbon

At Atlas Carbon and our sister offering MaiaGrazing, we're passionate about sharing knowledge among our growing community of livestock farmers to help them make well-informed decisions from the get-go. That's why we're coming together to bring you our next Atlas LIVE webinar, "The Crucial Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Decision-Making".

Led by our expert consultants, Victoria Lawrance and Amanda Young, this webinar is designed for those at the pre- and beginning stages of their carbon project exploration. If you’re starting to question whether a carbon project is right for your land and business, this free webinar is a great opportunity to gain information and insights into the key considerations you should be thinking of as part of your decision-making process.

What was covered:
  • Understanding Your Data: Delve into the key components of a cost-benefit analysis and which data points you should be paying attention to for informed decision-making.
  • Customised Approach: Learn why relying on personalised farm data for your cost-benefit analysis is paramount to getting the most accurate estimates of what to expect from a carbon project. Discover the pitfalls of generalised reports and how tailoring insights to your farm's unique characteristics when undertaking a cost-benefit analysis gives you a strong advantage.
  • Driving Objective Decisions: Explore how a focused cost-benefit analysis empowers you to make objective decisions aligned with your farm's short and long-term goals. Gain insights into assessing carbon and production uplift values to optimise your farm's profitability and sustainability.

During the webinar, we'll walk you through a typical cost-benefit analysis that we would take a grazier through and offer insights on how this has helped them deepen their understanding of their land and business in ways that go beyond a carbon project.

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Estimates include carbon and production uplift potential, property input and infrastructure needs, and administration costs.