Atlas LIVE: Soil Science with Dr Simon Wheeler, Hone

Are you ready to explore the latest in affordable soil carbon measurement that you can now take advantage of as part of a soil carbon project?

Sheeda Cheng,  Head of Marketing - Atlas Carbon

Watch our Atlas LIVE webinar featuring Dr. Simon Wheeler, a soil science expert from Hone, as we delve into the science behind soil carbon measurement and its transformative potential for your enterprise.

Hone Carbon leverages new, low-cost technologies to provide measurement services for soil carbon, delivering compliant and accurate results for formal Carbon Farming Initiative sampling rounds. It is developing the Hone Lab Red, a hand-held device to enable the in-field measurement of soil carbon between formal sampling rounds.

In this Atlas LIVE webinar, we are pleased to showcase Dr Wheeler, alongside our host Carbon Services Director Sean Hoobin, to answer the common questions that livestock farmers like you may have. These questions focus on the role of soil carbon measurements and the insights that they offer to help you optimise soil carbon sequestration.

Watch webinar: Soil Science with Dr Simon Wheeler, Hone

“Hone is delighted to collaborate with Atlas Carbon to provide accurate and cost-efficient solutions for soil health measurement, directly benefiting your agricultural enterprise.” – Dr Simon Wheeler, Hone

Typical questions that we often get asked include:

  • - How does Hone differ from other soil carbon testers?
  • - The high cost of soil lab testing is a barrier for me. Will this cost go down soon?
  • - Are soil tests free once we have completed our baselining?
  • - How accurate is Hone’s method of measuring soil carbon?
  • - Can I get a soil test done before signing up for a carbon project?
  • - What happens if I lose my soil carbon from an extreme weather event such as drought or flood after I’ve done a soil carbon test? Do I have to have it measured again?
  • - What depth do you test to?
  • - How do you determine how many soil tests per property, and the locations for these?

Atlas Carbon + Hone: Your Pathway to Success

As part of the National Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge (NSCIC), a federally supported grant program devoted to mitigating measurement costs, Hone is working alongside us to provide more farmers with the opportunity to participate in soil carbon projects. We look forward to sharing specific information about this during the webinar.

So, if you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of soil carbon measurements in your journey towards a carbon project, please join us at Atlas LIVE. Meanwhile, you can get on the front foot by requesting for a free Cost-Benefit Report today to receive an estimate of what a carbon project can deliver for your property. This includes carbon and production uplift values, property infrastructure, soil sampling and testing, inputs, and carbon administration costs.

About Dr. Simon Wheeler

Dr. Simon Wheeler is the Head of Operations at Hone and Co-Founder of Hone Carbon. Simon holds a PhD in nutrient exchange at plant-soil interfaces and has over a decade of experience in developing portable, accurate measurement solutions for agriculture and science communication.

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