Atlas LIVE: Your Blueprint for Soil Carbon Success

Ashley Silver, CEO - Atlas Carbon
Ashley Silver, CEO - Atlas Carbon
May 10, 2023

Australia has seen a surge in carbon farming projects, with over 450 soil carbon projects registered on the government's Emissions Reduction Fund. These projects provide financial incentives to farmers who undertake activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon stored in soil.  

How your soil carbon project is managed makes all the difference

However, a soil carbon project is not a bandwagon that you should jump on blindly – assessing if a project is right for you and choosing the right partner to take you through the process will have a big impact are important decisions.  

A blueprint for soil carbon success

At Atlas Carbon, we understand that creating a successful soil carbon project requires careful planning and management. We have invested in the last seven years via our sister companies, MaiaGrazing and the Wilmot Cattle Company, to uncover the management practices of the most successful graziers and new innovations to improve soil carbon potential. Atlas Carbon’s Blueprint Program is designed to apply this knowledge in a tailored manner for each property we support.

Slow down to speed up

To ensure you and your property are strong candidates for a soil carbon project, Atlas Carbon conducts an in-depth assessment and produces a tailored blueprint for success to help you decide whether or not you want to register for a project. This will ensure that you’ll be in the best position to kick off your soil carbon project when you’re ready. The Atlas Carbon Blueprint includes the following:

  • Land suitability assessment to determine whether the project is suitable for the land in question, including mapping, satellite and on-the-ground analysis, including preliminary soil and pasture samples
  • Details of the management practices required to increase carbon sequestration and meet additional requirements, and the costs associated with these practices.
  • Monitoring and verification plan to accurately measure the carbon sequestered and ensure the project meets the requirements for generating carbon credits.
  • Strategies to overcome potential challenges that may arise during the implementation of the project.
  • Clear goals, strategies, and steps required to implement the project effectively.

By doing so, we can provide you with a clear roadmap for implementation, identify potential challenges, and include a monitoring and verification plan.

Watch: Atlas Live: Your Blueprint for Soil Carbon

Featuring our CEO Ashley Silver, Chief Grazing Officer Bart Davidson, Carbon Services Director Sean Hoobin, and Grazier and Support Member Mark Dixon.

Reach out to apply for a free Cost-Benefit Report to begin to understand your property’s potential.

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