Atlas LIVE: Dispelling Misconceptions in Australian Soil Carbon Projects

Cut through the white noise: Unravel the complexities of Australian carbon farming with Atlas LIVE. Our expert panel, including CEO Ashley Silver and Carbon Services Director Sean Hoobin, alongside host NSW grazier Rafe Ritchie, will dispel myths and address your soil carbon project queries. Register now!

Sheeda Cheng,  Head of Marketing - Atlas Carbon

Are you overwhelmed by the range of information about carbon farming in Australia? You may have come across numerous perspectives, jargon, and advice that caused more confusion than clarity. So, in this Atlas LIVE webinar, we addressed common misconceptions and concerns about soil carbon projects to help you make fact-based, informed decisions that are best for your business.

In this 30-minute webinar, our expert panel will guide you through the typical concerns that producers may come across when doing their due diligence on soil carbon projects in Australia. This panel comprises of CEO Ashley Silver and Carbon Services Director Sean Hoobin, with host NSW grazier Rafe Ritchie.  

Watch webinar: Dispelling Misconceptions in Australian Soil Carbon Projects

Some of the common questions we will be addressing:

  1. "What is 'additionality', and when am I expected to introduce it in my carbon project?"
  1. "Is there a difference between 'baselining' and 'soil testing', and can I baseline without committing to a carbon project?"
  1. "Are there different types of carbon credits, and do they impact my bottom line differently?"
  1. "Can I combine a series of small farms together to do a soil carbon project since they are too small to qualify for a project individually?"
  1. "Am I limited in my options to run a soil carbon project if I have a fair amount of timbered country?"
  1. "Is there a limit to the amount of soil carbon that I can sequester?"
  1. "I want to maintain carbon neutrality and sell carbon-neutral beef/wool, so don't I need to hold on to my carbon and not sell it?"
  1. "What happens to my farm if we go into drought or experience extreme weather events that impact the soil carbon that we've sequestered?"
  1. "Can I sell my farm if I am in a carbon project, and what happens to it?"
  1. "How does the commission structure work, and what does the project developer do to earn the commission from my carbon project?"

So, if you are starting to explore the viability of carbon farming, let's get together and dispel any doubts you may have on the ins and outs of a carbon project. By addressing common misconceptions with our panel of experts at Atlas LIVE, you’ll be able to navigate any potential risks confidently prior to implementing a soil carbon project. To get a head start, you can also ask for a Cost-Benefit Report - a free non-obligatory service by Atlas Carbon, to estimate what a carbon project can deliver for your property.

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