A Year of Resilience: 2023 Insights & 2024 Vision

Reflecting on the year that's almost behind us, we're pleased to invite you to watch our final webinar of the year.

Sheeda Cheng,  Head of Marketing - Atlas Carbon

In this session, we shared highlights and insights we've gathered over the past 12 months, showcasing the collaborative efforts between Atlas Carbon and our sister offering, MaiaGrazing. Together, we've been dedicated to supporting livestock producers to increase their resilience through our range of services and products.

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What was covered:

Amplifying Grazing Management

Discover how MaiaGrazing empowered our community of graziers and ranchers to elevate their grazing management practices. We'll spotlight the recently launched Pasture Observations photo capture feature and provide a sneak peek into what's on the horizon for the coming year.

Exploring Soil Carbon Projects

Gain insights into the factors stirring both concern and excitement among graziers regarding soil carbon projects. Based on our on-site visits and interactions with graziers throughout 2023, we'll talk about whether2024 is a good time for graziers to initiate these projects and provide guidance on how to start this journey.

Our 2024 Mission:

Learn how our observations and learnings are driving increased value for our community of graziers and ranchers. We'll also delve into anticipated market trends post the UN climate change conference, COP28, and their potential impacts on the livestock industry.

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